Chronicle 1990-2009

1991: The company Heinrich Luthe began operation on 1 December 1991 in Jüterborg, 45 km from Berlin. The former military sites Jüterbog East and Jüterbog West were subject to an especially high explosive ordnance load. The founder, Heinrich Luthe, defused over 200 large calibre US and British bombs from the Second World War as the head of Berlin’s explosive ordnance salvaging service for many years, and has a convincing record, thanks to his experience in inner city and sensitive industrial and economic districts. In 1992 the company headquarters moved to the nearby district capital Luckenwalde.

1993: On 1 January 1993, the federally-owned company GRV - Gesellschaft zur Rekultivierung und Verwertung von Gründstücken mbH - was founded in Pätz in the federal state of Brandenburg. GRV is devoted to wide area searches, locating and clearing of mines and explosive ordnance, dismantling buildings and systems above and below ground as well as the decontamination, disposal and rehabilitation of military and other inherited burdens. The GRV has 30 qualified employees with knowledge of the laying and design of land mines, especially from the former Eastern Block

1994: Heinrich Luthe GmbH was founded in 1994. With annual sales of 5.5 million euros it is one of the ten companies with the highest sales in the industry operating in Germany. The business sectors explosive ordnance recovery, EOD, demolition and commercial blasting operations and environment have the capacity to respond to special and complex client wishes. Heinrich Luthe GmbH makes use of high-quality computer technology and modern equipment for sound and affordable realisation of client orders.

1993 – 1996: GRV was responsible for the dismantling of border barrier systems and the search for land mines on the former German-German border for the Federal Minister of Defence. One thousand laid land mines were detected and destroyed.Over 600 employees at eight locations dismantled almost 3,000 km border fencing, over 200 km border walls and 800 border towers. While clearing former military training areas, some 860 ha were searched in the new federal states.

Heinrich Luthe GmbH has intervened on behalf of over 1,000 companies, including various waterways and shipping authorities, housing associations, federal states, cities and municipalities, ministries and other official bodies, road departments, environmental bodies, schools, day care centres, universities and companies like Deutsche Telekom, STRABAG, Fresenius, Siemens AG, Deutsche Bahn AG, BASF Schwarzheide GmbH, Bilfinger & Berger Bauaktiengesellschaft, ARAL, e.dis and RWE Umwelt.

In 1995 the former east German buiding company BMK Ost Ludwigsfelde branch reconstituted itself as EDELHOFF Altlastensanierung und Flächenrecycling GmbH (EAF). EAF is a 100%-subsidiary of EDELHOFF Entsorgung Nord-Ost GmbH of the EDELHOFF Group, which belongs to the environmental division of the VEW Group (Vereinigte Elektrizitätswerke Westfalen). In January 1995 GRV was partially privatised by the purchase of 49% of company shares by EDELHOFF.

EAF took on special demolition work and building conversions. Asbestos renovation, decontamination, industrial cleaning, recovery and special underground construction work, transport, disposal and recycling of special waste and residues, area recycling, recultivation, environmental engineering and consulting in the areas of renovation problems, inherited burden exploration, inherited burden renovation, problem disposal and explosive ordnance clearance.

July 1996: GRV moved its headquarters from Pätz to Ludwigsfelde. Services in explosive ordnance removal and inherited burden renovation were offered within the the EDELHOFF company association. In January 1997 EDELHOFF took over another 2% of the company shares and acquired the majority. In 1998 GRV became a 100% subsidiary of EDELHOFF.

2000: the groups RWE (Rheinisch-Westfälische Elektrizitätswerke) and VEW merged to form RWE.

In January 2002 EAF merged with GRV to become RWE Umwelt Flächenrecycling GmbH (RUF) based in Ludwigsfelde. RUF became the special renovation company of the RWE Environmental Group. GRV reintroduced the business segment explosive ordnance clearance into the company. The service spectrum of the 50-strong company comprised area exploration, pin-point depth clearance, computer-assisted area analysis, specialised underground construction, renovation.

In June 2004, RWE Umwelt AG transferred all shares in RUF to T.A.I. Turn Around Investment GmbH after a concentration of the group on core skills . As successor company to RWE Umwelt Flächenrecycling GmbH (RUF) Kampfmittelräumung und Ingenieurtechnische Sanierung GmbH (RUF) [Explosive ordnance clearance and Engineering Renovation GmbH] was established with its headquarters in Ludwigsfelde. The company additionally concentrated its range of services towards inherited burden renovation and decontamination and environmental engineering tasks with a demanding and complex engineering component.

Heinrich Luthe GmbH and RUF are merging to create GRV LUTHE Kampfmittelbeseitigung GmbH. New headquarters to move to Brandenburg Park in Ludwigsfelde in 2005...

2009: On 6 October 2009, the investment fund “Perusa Partners I” will take over GRV LUTHE Kampfmittelbeseitigung GmbH from Turn Around Investment GmbH (T.A.I.), Kaiserslautern and the management of GRV LUTHE.

2011: Investment fund “Perusa Partners” is acquiring Swedish company Dynasafe International AB. Dynasafe ( offers a broad range of solutions worldwide for the safe transhipment and transport of explosive materials (weapons and suspicious objects) and for the environmentally-friendly disposal of conventional and chemical munitions.

Investment fund “Perusa Partners” is taking over British company BACTEC International LTD based in Rochester. BACTEC ( is the global market leader for weapon, mine and bomb disposal. BACTEC has been providing its solutions across the global in more than 45 countries such as Mozambique, Libya, Lebanon, Cambodia, Laos and Australia for more than 20 years.

2012: The weapons disposal division is to be transferred from GRV LUTHE Kampfmittelbeseitigung to DYNASAFE Sales & Operations GmbH for the development, sale and supply of systems throughout the entire DYNASAFE Demil Group combined with services for the disposal, testing and commissioning of systems to destroy explosive substances and munitions….

Investment fund “Perusa Partners Fund 1 LP” has taken over British company MineTech International based in Mitchelldean (UK) via its subsidiary Dynasafe Area Clearance Group ( MineTech ( is a recognised global expert for weapons disposal. Thanks to its stronger geographic presence through BACTEC and GRV LUTHE and the focus on humanitarian projects for the UN, the Group is strengthening its efforts to make the world a safer place, even in former war zones. MineTech has been offering its solutions globally in numerous countries since 1989. Countries include Great, Britain, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Iraq. Customers of MineTech include the United Nations, governments and international corporations in the oil, gas and construction industries.