Environmental protection

Environmental protection designates the totality of all measures for protecting the environment with the goal of preserving the basis for human life and a functional ecological balance. If necessary, impairments or damage caused by human beings are to be eliminated. The focus of environmental protection in this regard is on both individual segments of the environment (such as earth, water, air, climate) as well as on the interactions between them. (Source: Wikipedia)

For the service areas of Dynasafe Kampfmittelräumung GmbH soil protection in connection with soil-moving measures and emissions protection in operating explosive ordnance removal systems are of special importance.

Soil protection

According to the principles of soil protection legislation, the functions of the soil must be sustainably preserved or restored. Thus harmful soil changes must be averted, the soil and inherited burdens and water pollution caused by these must be rehabilitated and precautions taken against harmful effects on the soil. In the event of effects on the soil, impairments of its natural functions and its function as archive of natural and cultural history are to be avoided as much as possible. In the event of soil-invasive measures in explosive ordnance clearance, the following definitions must be taken into account: inherited burdens under which is understood old landfills and abandoned industrial sites where environmentally hazardous materials were handled, as a result of which harmful soil changes or other risks for individuals, e.g. to life, health and property or the public, e.g. cleanness of ground- and drinking water, are produced (§ 2(5) BBodSchG – Federal Soil Protection Act).

Old landfills are decommissioned waste disposal systems and other properties on which waste was handled, stored or deposited. The owners of old landfills are under obligation to take measures to avert pollution deriving from their property in the event of the existence of dangers to soil and groundwater. Old industrial sites are properties of abandoned plants (former industrial and commercial operations and service companies) or other commercial or municipal areas where environmentally hazardous materials were handled.

Areas of abandoned military facilities are likewise classified as old sites. Areas suspected of inherited burdens are those in which there are indications of possible soil and ground water pollution (§ 2 (6) BBodSchG). Indications for suspicion can be historic location plans, naming of companies in address books or trade card indices, from past eyewitnesseses, or tips from the public.

Emission protection

The goal of emission protection is to protect persons, animals and plants, the soil, water, atmosphere, cultural and other assets against harmful environmental influences and to prevent harmful environmental effects from being created. Harmful environmental effects are air pollution, noises, tremors, light, heat, radiation and similar environmental effects affecting people, animals and plants, the soil, water, atmosphere, cultural and other assets, which according to their nature, scale or duration are suited to bringing about serious disadvantages or considerable nuisances for the public or neighbourhood.

We take the laws and regulations connected with protection against emissions into account, especially in approval proceedings for the erection and operation of EOD systems.