Explosive ordnance clearance


Explosive ordnance clearance is a task involving the prevention of risks. In general, the property owner and the person in actual control, who are also described as ‘disturbers of orderly conditions’ are responsible for the prevention of risks according to the legislation of the German federal states regarding police and law enforcement.

As a first step, an historical investigation is required to determine whether there are indications of an explosive ordnance problem in the affected area. (e.g. reports of combat, bombardments, reports of previous explosive ordnance finds, aerial photography analysis, on-site exploration, etc).

If the results show that the area must be cleared of explosive ordnance, a clearance concept must be prepared, depending on the parameters of the area, the explosive ordnance to be expected and if applicable the planned use. The subsequent explosive ordnance clearance of an area is carried out by probing the entire area with corresponding geophysical detectors (e.g. differential or absolute magnetometers, electromagnetic active search devices, ground radar, etc). Soil anomalies determined in this connection, which could be explosive ordnance, are uncovered, identified and recovered if they can be handled. If the explosive ordnance found cannot be handled, it has to be “defused” or – if this is not possible – it must be destroyed by a targeted detonation or rendered harmless at the finding place.

The recovered explosive ordnance that can be handled is collected and transported to a storage warehouse. Explosive ordnance clearance is carried out in a division of labour between the explosive ordnance clearance services of the German federal states and commissioned, commercially operating specialist companies.

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